Entrust us with your garden project, from conception to completion. We will put all our know-how and our experience, to create with passion and requirement, a coherent and harmonious vegetable decoration.

In order to have the most beautiful gardens, a team of qualified professionals will carry out routine maintenance such as mowing and weeding your lawn, the cut of your hedges, watering your plants …

We provide all kinds of decorations for all your events, fair exhibitions, congress, reception … We offer the rental of plants and trees, plant wall, green scenery, waterfall and water basin and all other needs.

Interior arrangement


We need to bring the plant into the house. It’s about our daily well-being, but also the style of our house. The vegetable has all the assets to make a place of choice in our decoration with originality. Flowers, plants, enter the house with aesthetics; poetry, inventiveness and functionality.


Garden Aménagement

Landscape Architects and Garden entrepreneur: Creation – Realization – Maintenance